Canon 1D Mark III was secretely looking for a replacement for my trusted Canon EOS 30D. The Canon 1D Mark IIn was looking rather good. Not too pricey on the used market, decent specifications, basically the same sensor technology as my 30D.

But then I stumbled upon an ad by someone selling her Canon 1D Mark III to go full-frame. The price was good, and the camera turned out to be in perfect condition. So I spent a little more than expected, but I’m now the proud owner of the Canon EOS 1D Mark III.

This thing should be great for shooting sporting events at the next Campzone, and ISO performance is absolutely amazing for indoor shots.

6 thoughts on “Canon 1D Mark III

  1. Hey Arie,

    The 1Ds is the camera you want for sporting events, but I understand your argument that the 1D is better then your old 30D 😉


    (i won’t be reading here much, please e-mail me any reply)

  2. The 1D mk III is full frame, that doesnt make sense why would this person sell it?

    Personally I think you’re lying.

  3. The 1D mk III isn’t full frame, it’s got a 1.3x crop.
    The 1Ds mk III is full frame.

    Why would I lie about any of this?