What relaxion looks likeGoing to a normal LAN party with some friends is nice. But since most LAN parties are held in big halls without proper beds and showers, you normally end up sleep-deprived and smelling like cheese.

During the summer my trusted gang of geeks and I head out to Campzone. A great outdoor LAN party (in tents/caravans), that lasts for 11 days. You bring your own bed, take a shower every now and then, but you still end op sleep-deprived and smelling like cheese.

That’s why during the cold winter months, that same gang of geeks and I go to Relaxion. Relaxion is an indoor LAN party, but with an interesting twist. It’s held in vacation homes. During the low-season, these vacation homes are relatively affordable. So the Relaxion crew books about 10 of these vacation homes. A bunch for an entire week, and the rest for a weekend.

This year was the third time we went to Relaxion, and again, we went for a weekend. The vacation homes have real beds, showers and a bath. A pleasant change from the big halls and concrete floors of normal LAN parties. After 2,5 days of gaming you end up relaxed and refreshed!

I made some snapshots and another gang of geeks made a video about Relaxion.

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