2012 mouse update

So here’s a little update on the mice I currently use at least every once in a while and my opinion on them after months of use.

Razer Abyssus

My favourite mouse for now. The only think I dislike about it is the crappy scrollwheel, it feels cheap, it works OK but the amount of ‘clicks’ per revolution is too low.

Razer Deathadder 1800DPI

My trusty old Deathadder doesn’t get much use these days. I think it’s too big to comfortably throw around, other than that it’s still great.

Razer Imperator 5600DPI

Too big, the left click seems to misfire every once in a while and the weird acceleration issues of the Philips twin-eye sensor have degraded this mouse to my backup mouse at work.

Razer Mamba 6400DPI

A great wireless mouse. Zero lag on the wireless, decent playtime on batteries and the ability to switch to wired mode very quickly. The glowing charging station and glowing scrollwheel are totally over the top, draws a lot of questions (“Didn’t it glow blue 5 minutes ago?”). The battery adds a bit of weight, but other than that it’s basically a Deathadder with a worse sensor. Again the Philips twin-eye sensor with it’s acceleration ruins it for me. Therefore it’s my default mouse at work.

Steelseries Xai

Great mouse with only minor acceleration issues. Lovely scrollwheel. The crazy LCD on the bottom of the mouse allows me to set everything I want. A small issue is the ‘boot’  time of the mouse. Feels like it takes 10 seconds for the mouse to become usable after plugging it in.

Zowie EC2

Lovely shape, decent sensor. The scrollwheel totally ruins this mouse for me, it’s even worse than the Abyssus one. It’s loud, has a horrible feel to it and the ‘clicks’ per revolution is the lowest of them all.

15 thoughts on “2012 mouse update

  1. I very much agree with you on the Abyssus and the Deathadder.

    The Abyssus is my main mouse. I actually like the feel of the scrollwheel, but it makes a cheap-sounding knocking noise on the first down scroll. But the vertical sides that give my thumb and ring and little fingers something to push against/grip are great for my hold.

    What pad do you use with it? I have the Razer Scarab, but it feels like I need new mouse feet and/or a pad.

  2. It happened a while ago. My Abyssus with serial starting with PM11250 is a new one. The one starting with PM09410 was an old one with jitter problems.

  3. Assuming that every Abyssus and Deathadder made in 2011 (PM11) are jitter-free, then I’ll prolly try one tomorrow (PM12, confirmed by calling the store), and make sure it is indeed that way.

    If it is, we can conclude that PM11-onwards ADNS-3888 sensor mice are “flawless”.

  4. Ribx, can you maybe post a screenshot of the jitter you described when tilting the mouse? I could check for that on my PM11 Abyssus.

  5. It’s exactly the same jitter as you had before.

    Open paint. Pad parallel to the table (properly aligned).

    Mouse 40º to the left (kinda like this slash -> \).
    Try to do a straight line downwards (the mouse will have to move diagonally back in relation to the pad).
    Jitter ensues. Higher DPI: worse (the more samples the sensor processes, the crazier it gets). 400DPI has the exact same issue, just lower value of jittering.

    I’m at work now, and when I get off I’m going to the story to test the Abyssus PM12. I checked videos on youtube, and every single serial number coincides with the date of the review. PM10 for reviews in 2010. PM11 for reviews in 2011 (except those that were bought early that year, which were PM10). And I saw two reviews with a PM12.

    Of course, in none of the shitty reviews you see on youtube do kids ever mention jittering. All they care about is:
    a) DPI!!!11!!
    b) IT’S RAZER!

    The League of Legends version is simply a PM11 Abyssus. From what I can tell, everyone assumes that it’s the only jitter-free version. I’m gonna go ahead and believe that from that model onwards, they’re all jitter-free.

    I might also test the Kinzu V2 Pro. Kinzu was a horrendous mouse, and from what I know the Kinzu V2 Pro with its Pixart sensor is not much better. I believe they have no prediction, but they’re still buggy, and they have positive acceleration.

    It should be noted once and for all that 99% of the serious issues a computer mouse has can’t be fixed with firmware. It wasn’t the firmware that fixed DA’s jittering. It was the new PM11 model. Mine is PM10 and jitters. Smooth as fuck on a wooden table and hard surface pad (S&S for example). Batshit crazy on cloth (unless you do what I did and place the cloth in the same 40º degree angle as the mouse).

    The reason why turning the cloth will make it stop, is because the issue only arises when the mouse sensor reads along a certain pattern.

    If the mouse is crooked like so \
    and the pattern was (assuming here) something like

    Then depending on your movement pivot (wrist/elbow), you’d either get:
    when trying to do a vertical line on the pad with an elbow pivot, or something different with a wrist movement (which will probably be even more fucked up since the angles are harder to predict.

    I use a claw grip with elbow movement and I lift off my mouse when I move it (not for “transport” but for “movement” itself; that is: I lift off just a little bit so the movement still gets recognized, aka air sliding (just made that up)).

    Since I use my elbow as a pivot, my mouse position, from the moment I grab him, is always perpendicular (or parallel, whatever the case) to the table. As in:
    2….| |
    3……….| |
    4…………….| |
    5……….| |

    Where | | are the sides of my DA. So if I do that sort of sliding diagonally (whatever the direction), my mouse will always be pointing “forward”. Always in the same direction.

    So the sensors will always recognize the cloth pattern in the exact same way.
    In the situation above, if the pad was parallel to the table, and the mouse was tilted a few degrees, each frame the sensor would get something like:
    \ \ \ \
    Just draw some horizontal lines on a sheet of paper, and then draw a tilted (small) square on top of them. The square is the sensor gathered data. Draw a path of squares along those lines. You’ll see the pattern recognition is always the same.

    But the way the sensor reads several sequences of the same pattern in a certain direction, causes jittering.

    In other news: take my shit with a grain of salt.

  6. PM12 suffers from jitter on cloth (at least my QcK).
    And I had to keep the mouse, since I paid for it. I was going to get a Kinzu v2 pro after seeing the Abyssus fail… but I shrugged it off and took the Abyssus.

    If all else fails, I’ll try getting a new pad. But this shit is starting to get ridiculously expensive.

    Arie, if you’d please, test it the way I told you.
    Pad parallel to table.
    Mouse slightly slanted to the left.
    Move mouse backwards (diagonally across the pad) in an attempt to make a vertical line.

    Tell me the results.

  7. That jitters, do you have examples of mice that don’t? I’ve got the following avail. for testing:
    Microsoft IME 3.0
    Razer Abyssus
    Razer Deathadder 1800
    Razer Mamba 6400
    Razer Imperator 5600
    Steelseries Xai
    Zowie EC2

  8. IME 3.0 doesn’t jitter on Cloth (I got one). I don’t know about the rest.
    MX518 doesn’t, either. Logitech G9 doesn’t.

    This Abyssus and the DA, both 3.5G, jitter on cloth and apparentely on several others surfaces. Just tried on a sheet of paper.

    If you move it along the sheet of paper with the mouse constantly parallel to the sides of the paper (doing whatever movement you want), it won’t jitter. At least not the sort of jitter spasming. It’ll jitter a bit because paper has it’s imperfections.

    On cloth it’s the same thing.

    On my wooden table, it’s smooth as butter. Any angle, no jitter.

    After examining with a decent lens I had lying around, I noticed both the patterns on the paper and QcK are odd. Say, my wooden table pattern, zoomed in, is something like several dots, relatively same-distanced. So the sensor reads it perfectly well.

    Both the QcK and the paper are like lines (textile stuff is like that, fibers ‘n shit, yo).
    Since they’re like lines, as soon as you turn the sensor on a different angle, it starts reading it differently.

    To be completely honest with you, I’m gonna go ahead and state the this is not a flaw with the sensor itself. I think the sensor is too fucking perfect. The algorithm on that shit must go nuts whenever a certain pattern is read. I think it doesn’t like diagonals, pure and simply.

    Just tested on my LG’s Base (it’s a flat circular base made of some sort of really hard plastic, with a rough texture) and it reads absolutely perfect. It’s nuts. Any angle, almost perfect lines. It’s all about the fibers. I think this sensor doesn’t like the fiber patterns. Maybe it does, but only specific ones.

    Also, I didn’t know Abyssus had Prediction. Yes, it has prediction. You just have to put it at 1000hz to notice it (at least on WindowsXP 32bit). I did that at another computer. When I got home and put it on my W7 64bit, it had no prediction.

    On the computer with WinXP, I was about to cry when I noticed I couldn’t draw one single circle. Everything was squares. SQUARES EVERYWHERE. Brutal, really brutal angle snapping.
    Turned on 125hz, it went away. Manually increased polling rate to 1000hz on XP, it didn’t came up. Turned on 1000hz switch after that (the program was detecting 1000hz before that anyway), and it still didn’t came up.

    I guess it’s something very specific that triggers the prediction.

    But it’s there all right. And if it’s on the Abyssus, it’s hidden inside the DeathAdder’s sensor as well.

    I wonder if that shit is what causes the jittering somehow. Theories…

    By the way… you said “that jitters”. You meant you managed to replicate it?

  9. Oh, it’s great to hear it’s not just me who has issues with the Razer Deathadder.
    Peronally, I can’t stand the mousewheel. Sometimes the mousewheel doesn’t click over properly, which means when I change weapon (in QL), it doesn’t happen, or it does change when I don’t expect it too. Never again Razer! Also, poor Linux support. Have to give it a big thumbs down 🙁