Custom Ubuntu live CD

Ubuntu logoIn a couple of days/weeks/months two friends and I will be giving a workshop at our school about Ruby On Rails. For this workshop we were looking for a bootable CD that provides a fully functioning Ruby on Rails dev environment.

We looked at but it wasn’t exactly the way we wanted. And whenever something isn’t exactly as you want in the world of OSS, you can fix it.

It took a great tutorial, some trial/error and a couple of failed CD’s, but finally I managed to get it just the way I wanted.

Ruby on Rails logoThe failed CD’s were due to the fact that ‘qemu’, an emulation program that you can use to test bootable .iso files, ran very slowly on my laptop.

The live CD is based on Ubuntu Feisty. It includes MySQL, vim-ruby, Aptana, ruby, rails and the sample project we’ll be using at the workshop.

No other live cd would have our own project on the disk 🙂

I’ll post the ISO once we’ve given the workshop.


You can now download the Ubuntu on Rails iso.

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