4 thoughts on “Disabling mouse acceleration in OS/X part II

  1. I’m not sure that what that app did, but I got very low sens after disabling it. Like I had to set my mouse to 3500 dpi for it to even move across the screen. Its quite different than the MouseFixers fix that I’ve been using.

  2. This patch allows me to change the osx mouse sensitivity setting, but turning it seems to add accel. Should I slide it all the way down? Or am I doing something wrong?

  3. The command line application just disables acceleration, but it leads to the slow movement you’re describing.

    The other fix is the mouse acceleration preference pane, which you need to slide down to -6x.

  4. A GREAT hint would be: What are the windows acceleration settings needed to match MacOS? When I use BootCamp to boot windows the mouse feels slow and irritating.