Mouse jitter on cloth pads



Here’s a little test comparing a bunch of different mice and sensors.

With all mice I tried to move straight down on a Razer Goliathus Speed cloth pad while drawing a line in MS Paint.

All mice had prediction aka drift control disabled so the lines aren’t artificially straightened by the mouse.

As you can see in the picture the mice varied quite a bit in their behaviour. Judging by the picture you might think that both the Abyssus and Imperator had excellent performances while the Zowie EC2 and Xai didn’t do so well.

But what the picture doesn’t show is the amount of negative acceleration experienced during this test. The Imperator slowed to a crawl, forcing me to move it quite a bit further to get the same line. Β None of the other mice showed this behaviour and surely the “Dynamic DPI scaling” of the Imperator is the problem here.

What is clear from the picture is how horrible the Zowie EC2 is on a Goliathus Speed mousepad.

Taking all these things in account, here’s my final scoreboard:

  1. Razer Abyssus (new)
  2. Razer Deathadder (original)
  3. Steelseries Xai
  4. Zowie EC2
  5. Razer Imperator
  6. Razer Abyssus (old)


14 thoughts on “Mouse jitter on cloth pads

  1. Hi. I’ve read you reviews on Razer Imperator and DeathAdder “New”. Right now, I’m looking to replace my current mouse (a Microsoft Habu) with either an Imperator 2012 or a DeathAdder Black Edition.

    First off, I’d like to say that the Imperator 2012 would be my first choice, but having read your review of the original Imperator I’m not sure it’s the best choice anymore. Have the issues with the original Imperator been fixed on the new version (the sensor-related issues, that is)?

    Second, I’ve read about the issues of the new DeathAdder with mouse pads, especially cloth pads. I don’t use a mouse pad, but the wooden surface of my desk. Is it true that in my case I wouldn’t have any problems with the DeathAdder Black Edition? Is the “single click gets interpreted as a double click” issue relevant to the new DeathAdder?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. The new Imperator is actually worse than the old one atm, this might get fixed by firmware some day, but for now, stay well away.

    The new Deathadder is pretty good now after some firmware updates. How well it’s going to work on your desk is hard to tell, no wooden desk is the same πŸ˜‰

    Single-clicks as double-clicks can be an issue with any mouse, it’s called switch bounce or contact bounce. None of my current mice has the problem, but you might get unlucky.

  3. Thank you very much for the reply. I think I’ll go for the DeathAdder Black Edition in the end, since the contact surface issue is something I can fix on my own if it comes to it.

    It’s too bad about the new Imperator, what in hell are they thinking?

    I was asking about the single-multi-click issue because my Microsoft Habu has this issue with the back button and it’s frustrating. That and the fact that the “rubber coating” started to peel off about one year ago and now the mouse looks and feels like it has a bad case of leprosy…

    Hopefully my desk will turn out to be ok with the new DA, every mouse has worked flawlessly on it so far (my Habu, a G5 and a Gigabyte M7800S).

    Thank you again and I look forward to reading more on your blog, the reviews are extremely insightful. Awesome job!

  4. Hi Arie,

    My MX518 needs replacing, and I am confused as to which mouse to get. I love the shape of the MX and dont want to move to a different one.

    I was looking at the new Imperator. You said it is worse than the old one. Can you elaborate further? How bad is the acceleration on it?

    I also tried my friend’s G500, and found serious acceleration issues on it. Slight positive at times, and huge negative acceleration when making fast swipes. I use 6/11 sensitivity in windows, 400 dpi and 1.6 sensitivity in-game. Its about 27cm/180 deg turn.

    Can you suggest a good mouse, taking in my settings. I am a CS 1.6 player, mostly the primary AWPer in my clan


  5. So why not get another MX518? Also, the Deathadder 3500DPI is fine with the new firmware.

    The G500 shouldn’t have huge problems with acceleration. Just a little from the S9500 sensor used (same as Xai, G9x).
    If you get lots of negative acceleration making huge swipes, you might be playing a game that doesn’t use DirectInput. You could try rInput as a workaround.

  6. I tried out my clan-mate’s Xai and it seemed to absolutely trounce my MX518 in terms of accuracy. The Xai felt so much more fluid and precise, especially when rifling. I thought maybe it had something to with the laser sensor or the MX518 having prediction(never felt that before, though!!), or maybe it was just in my head!! πŸ˜›
    I did notice some positive acceleration on it, though.

    And I want to try something different, for a change, especially after this. Too bad the Xai is way over my budget! And it cant match the MX518’s comfort either. But that’s a matter of preference!

    I tried the G500 on my qck+ Fnatic edition. Could the negative acceleration have been caused due to the pad?

    I had considered the the Deathadder 3500DPI. But I had problems lifting the mouse. I couldn’t get a firm grip on it. And with my sensitivity, I have to lift the mouse quite a bit.

    I don’t know a thing about DirectInput. Does CS 1.6 use it?
    Will try the G500 with rInput tomorrow.

  7. CS 1.6 does not use direct input, so that game will have lots of negative acceleration when used with a high dpi mouse. Rinput ahould fix that for you.

    I’ve read reports of varying acceleration with the Xai//Sensei/G500 sensor depending on the pad used.
    You might want to check out this very long thread on about all the different mouse sensors out there:

  8. 50 pages? :O
    That is going to take a while! the spreadsheet on the first page is pretty detailed!

    What are the problems with the new Imperator?

  9. Partly the same as the old one. I haven’t bought one of the new 6400 dpi razer mice yet so you’ll have to look at the forums for all of the issues with the sensor. There’s a few threads about them.

    I really would love to have the 6400dpi mamba, but until the problems get fixed I won’t be getting one.

  10. And i would really love the 6400 dpi Imperator, but the tracking isues are terrible!

    Looks like I am going back to an MX518, if the G500 doesn’t work well with rinput.

    Just out of curiosity, have you used the Ikari Laser? If yes, what is it like? Is the negative acceleration really bad?

  11. You can’t turn drift control of on the EC2. However, in my experience it only has a tiny amount of drift control.

  12. Well, my mousepad is a Zowie G-tf and I do think they fit(with the EC2). Either way Im a bit new to gaming mice and their acceleration, prediction and so on(plus im not that paranoid about that stuff), which means my opinion is not really so reliable πŸ™‚

  13. I’d like to mention that DA3.5G with new firmware is the exact same thing as the old firmware on cloth pads. It still jitters. I tried 2.44 and now 2.45.

    Nothing changed in regards to the cloth jittering.

    If you have a cloth pad like QcK, and you hold your mouse sideways, then steer away from the DeathAdder. If you have said combination of mouse+pad and notice nothing, then kudos to you. I wish I had the same luck.