APC Smart UPS 1500It happened again. I told a friend I’d never get a UPS because they’re way too expensive, and now I’ve got a nice APC SmartUPS 1500 sitting on top of my server.

I got it for 150€ on a LAN party. It has fresh batteries which should be able to power the server for 80 minutes before it gently shuts it down.

The LAN party I was on is called Campzone it’s an 11-day outdoor LAN-party in tents and caravans. People bring all kinds of high power devices to this LAN. Like deep fryers, toasters, fridges and ovens. This can cause the power to fail and during the two small power outages, the UPS performed perfectly.

The reason I got a UPS is because of the hardware RAID array in my server. It’s an Areca 1210 with 256MB cache. To safely enable disk write caching you need to make sure the power never fails unexpectedly. Else the data in the write buffer will get lost.

There are two options to ensure the Areca’s buffer doesn’t lose power. The first is a small BBU (Battery Backup Unit) which you can buy for about 90€. The second options is a UPS.

So when I saw the UPS for 150€, I thought this would make a good excuse to get one.

APC Smart UPS 1500, rear

APC Smart UPS 1500, hot swappable batteries

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