Zowie EC2 mouse review

After all my Razer mice reviews, it was time for something else. A non-Razer gaming mouse. I’ve chosen the Zowie EC2.


Zowie has a small product line-up. They sell an old, but great Microsoft mouse and two mice of their own: The Zowie EC1 and EC2. These mice use the same hardware in a different shell. The only difference seems to be the size. I’ve chosen the EC2, the smaller mouse.

EC2 (left) and EC1 (right)




The EC1/EC2 use a Avago ADNS-3060 sensor at a 2000 max DPI. There are a few other mice that use this sensor, some A4Tech mice and the Steelseries Ikari Optical for example.

Overall the sensor is pretty good. Zowie chose to keep some prediction/drift-control activated in the firmware, but on a minimal setting. There are some jitter issues on cloth pads (Razer Goliathus for example) and tracking on semi-shiny surfaces can be quite bad. My trusty old Deathadder 1800DPI has less jitter and that’s a mouse with all drift-control disabled.

The mouse gets polled at 1000Hz by default, so you won’t have to install USB hacks or drivers. You can adjust the DPI  by using a button on the underside of the mouse. There are 3 settings: 500, 1000 and 2000DPI. The scrollwheel changes color when changing the DPI. A nice way to show which DPI is active.

Build quality

The overall build quality seems a bit sub-par for the amount of money you pay for one of these ‘heatoN-approved’ mice. On the box there’s a sticker that reads “most durable and precise mousewheel”, but in reality it feels really cheap. Sometimes you can hear the click of the scrollwheel, but no scrolling movement is registered. It’s simply one of the worst scrollwheels I’ve used in a recent mouse, feeling even a bit worse than the Razer Abyssus scrollwheel.

The two side buttons don’t feel very good either, but they get the job done. The main mouse buttons and scroll-wheel button are just fine.

The rubber coating on the black Zowie mice is quite similar to the one on the Deathadder, and feels very nice. The same kind of coating seems to be used on the mouse cord. This makes it less likely to get tangled up like with the original Deathadder.


Overall I quite like this mouse. Being slightly smaller than the Deathadder it’s easier to throw around your mousepad. The rubberized feel and the mouse buttons are fine, the sensor performs well enough to be used on most surfaces at high speeds.

I’m slightly disappointed with the overal price/performance ratio. The sensor has some jitter issues, the scrollwheel is terrible and the side buttons make the product feel cheap and flimsy.

These issues don’t prevent it from being a great mouse which I’d recommend. Especially people looking for a mouse that’s slightly smaller than the MX518/Deathadder/IME3.0.

2 thoughts on “Zowie EC2 mouse review

  1. Hey Arie,
    first of all you do a great job with your trusy reviews [compered to other marketing crappy website] that really show you know what your talking about, So I will start with thanks you personally. 🙂

    secondly, the EC2 have a bugged scroll-wheel (Zowie fixed it sonner)
    and glossy sides and cpi is no-go for me.

    FOR ME, all the mice which have sensor that have prediction / angle snapping / Freemove / mouse correction is in the black list.

    after using alot of mice – Xai, IMP, DA (1800, 3500), KINZU, MX518 , IE3.0 and more.
    I found myself back to the old-trusty IE3.0 (TBH, its beacause of the crappy defective design of the DA [both])

    I also have in my desk (since all the rest are gone/sold) the DA 3500, well,just for “breaking the Myth” its identical in term of performs to the 1800 when using the 2.41 firmware, but the buttons on 3500 is more mussier and the LoD is more high.

    But I dont know if you know, AVAGO relase a new optical sensor which is ADNS-3090 – “rebranded S3888”.
    only con I found in this sensor is the cpi steps.

    the first mouse that have the 3090 is the Coller Master CM spawn – claw grip mouse, the comapny – CollerMaster fu**ed up the tracking of the mouse by thier hardware – alot of jitter in 800cpi, and positive accel.

    the second mouse (I personally waited for him long time) is PureTrak Valor – kinda of trying by the company to make it comfortable for plam and claw grip, custom SROM for 500cpi, they do alot of test of the sensor and cpi steps to make it really perfect, they also put custom lens to reduce LoD. – they realase a picture of it today in thier facebook,
    look comfort but it have glossy sides, but the comapny says that the glossy sides dont place where are the fingers or the plam is touching at.

    The mouse comes in 1 in april [first week april] (in not a joke 😉 )

    keep the good job Arie,
    Avi N.

  2. Nice reviews/post as always. I especially agree about your post about ”problem with gaming mice”. Like the deathadder 3.5g, if it wasn’t for his jitters on cloth pad it would be the perfect mouse for me that i wouldnt mind buying it every year to replace it but yeah it had to jitters.

    Other than that, i’m kinda interessed in Puretrak Valor as well. I have some hope that it could be the mouse ive always been waiting for but i shouldnt hope too much. What make me interessed in the mouse is that Puretrak is mainly a Cloth mouse pad company or atleast mostly so i’m guessing they’ll do everything to make it works perfectly on cloth mouse pad, you know?

    If you think about buying it here a little survey you should do. http://www.puretrak.com/survey/

    They take surveys very seriously and most importantly you’ll get a 15% discount code for the next thing you buy from them. 🙂