Server upgrade

New server, outsideYesterday I upgraded the server to some nice new hardware.

My main excuse for this is to view HDTV/720p content on MythTV. The old hardware just wasn’t fast enough for this. I also took the oppurtunity to change from a software RAID1 setup with 2x200GB disks to a hardware RAID solution with 4x320GB disks.

Just a month ago I told a friend who has a similar setup I’d never buy a hardware RAID card because they’re so damn expensive.

The new stuff

New server, inside

  • Asus P5B
  • Intel Core2Duo E6420
  • 2 x 1GB Kingston PC5300
  • 1x WD800JB 80GB (boot)
  • Areca 1210 with 4x Seagate 320GB (RAID5)
  • Zalman 460Watt PSU
  • Geforce FX5200
  • Soundblaster Live

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