Disabling mouse acceleration on OS/X

With the recent release of Portal and Team Fortress 2 for the Mac I’m guessing there are quite a few gamers that have noticed the horrible acceleration that’s default on OS/X.

I’ve finally managed to find a little tool that can give you 1:1 mouse/pointer movement, just like you can on Windows (with the help of some regtweaks and system file patchers).

Download this Preference Pane and run it: MouseAccelerationPref11c

Use these settings:

I know it says ‘Inverted’ on -6.0x, but it’s actually 1:1 non-inverted 😛

3 thoughts on “Disabling mouse acceleration on OS/X

  1. i read that the new deathadder has new firmware that stops cloth mousepad jitter

    is this true because i was trying to decide between the zowie EC1 and the DA