Razer Abyssus/Razer Deathadder 3500DPI review

A new infrared 3500DPI sensor forms the core of an updated Razer Deathadder and an updated Razer Salmosa, the Razer Abyssus. Their predecessors were good mice, with some small issues.

The original Deathadder is Razer’s best mouse in my opinion. It has a great sensor which tracks very well on a lot of surfaces, is capable of tracking at high speeds, has DC and NDC firmwares and has no acceleration or other side effects when set up right.

The Salmosa has received little love from Razer. 1 driver update, no firmware updates and only the default DC firmware available.


So let’s talk a bit first about the thing the new mice have in common, the 3500DPI sensor. It’s not as good as the trusty old 1800DPI sensor used in the Salmosa and Deathadder-new. It has a lot of issues tracking on cloth mousepads, some more than others. Ironically, it’s pretty bad on the Razer Goliathus.  If you like to play on cloth pads, don’t buy an Abyssus or a Deathadder-new.


With that out of the way, a bit about the Deathadder-new. It’s pretty much exactly the same as the old one. It has a nicer braided cable, replacing the very thin plastic wire from the old one, which was prone to breaking internally. That’s basically all there is to this new Deathadder. If you have an old one, keep it, if you want a new one, try to find an old one. The changes are not worth the upgrade and extra costs.

Deathadder new, or old?


Compared to the old Salmosa there isn’t much new either, but at least the 3500DPI sensor doesn’t have drift control. The hardware buttons to switch DPI and mouse refresh rate are still there, but the 500Hz option is gone. The scroll wheel is the worst I’ve seen on a Razer mouse. It feels cheap, makes a weird noise and is definitely not as good as the Deathadder or Imperator scroll wheel. Just as with other Razer mice there are a lot of reports of squeaking mouse wheels on the Abyssus.


For some reason I still like the Razer Abyssus. It’s really light and small, easy to throw around. Great for people looking for a finger grip mouse. The buttons are easy to press, I’d rankthem like this (easy -> hard to press): Boomslang CE2007, Abyssus, Deathadder, Imperator

The overall verdict
The new Razer 3500DPI mice are great mice, limited by their kinda crappy sensor.
The main problem with the 3500DPI DA is its older brother, which is cheaper and better, apart for the cable.
The Abyssus looks like a great entry-level gaming mouse. It’s cheap (the scroll wheel shows), light, easy to use and great value for money. It’s not only an entry level mouse, it’s a great mouse if you need something small and nimble. I wish it was made with the Deathadder sensor, that way I could have finally recommended a new Razer mouse.

73 thoughts on “Razer Abyssus/Razer Deathadder 3500DPI review

  1. Hello and thank you for the nice review. I just wanted to comment about the new sensors razer is using. The newer Philips sensors offer faster ips and higher dpi than the 3g sensor(Original DA). I don’t think that we should be so hasty to nag. Even though the sensor may not work with some mouse pads it is quite indeed more precise than the avago 9500 (g9x) and just as precise as the 3g sensor. The z-axis issue has never taken away from my gaming experience. I am VERY picky about my mice and If I can tolerate the z-axis that says a lot about how bad it really is not. The 3.5g sensor isn’t without fault but is worthy of being the new flagship for razer. You may argue that it can’t track on a certain surface so why not bring up that the 3.5g tracks on surfaces that the 3g cannot like pure teflon for example…

  2. Well I’ve learned to tolerate the Imperator’s sensor. The tracking is very accurate and it seems impossible to make this mouse skip. I could live with the Z-axis and weird lift-off problems, but I really dislike the dynamic DPI scaling it seems to have. On low speeds it’s just weird compared to the other mice I have.
    With the old DA sensor in it, it would have been just great, same for Abyssus.

    It’s nice how the new 3500DPI sensor tracks on a surface like teflon, but fails to work on something as common as a cloth pad 🙂
    On a good plastic pad it provides tracking that’s basically just as good as the old 1800DPI sensors.

  3. I think camplo was referring to the Imperator, Mamba and Naga when talking about the new phillips twin-eye.

  4. The avago 3088 is in the diamondback non 3g and krait non 3g, just googled it. Its not in the new deathadder, are you crazy? The new deathadder is philips twin eye, just googled that…The old deathadder was philips also. Where are you getting your information.
    To Arie about the dpi scaling. I also would like to see a firmware version available without the dpi scaling. In that sense we have lost precision and for the most part has cause a response scale that performs as if acceleration was on but really its just negative accel that only becomes active during low mouse speeds. Maybe we should email razer tech support? Atleast with the naga the dpi scaling was always the case straight out of the box with original firmware!

  5. The old Deathadder has an Avago S3668, the new one doesn’t have a Philips sensor either. It looks like a typical Avago sensor, but I don’t know the type/number.

  6. That sucks…some said that on the Speed version of the Goliathus it would jitter and on the Control version it wouldn’t…looked like a promising mouse otherwise.

  7. in your opinion is it worth it to exchange my new DA for an old one? I’m using the 3.5DA on a qck+, and there doesn’t seem to be any jittering at all. is the 3g sensor that much better than the 3.5g sensor?

  8. Well I have just bought Abyssus and I already had goliathus, the mouse works fine on the pad, but I wish it could be a little bigger, I am a claw-gripper though. But sometimes it seems I’m using some kinda cheap mouse as there arent any other buttons at all. Still I’m happy with the lightweight device that helps me frag a lot 😉

  9. I’ve saw a review on the Deathadder 3.5G that stated that it’s now on the same level of sensor quality as the 3G after firmware updates. True?

  10. On cloth pads (e.g. Goliathus), the 1800 DPI has better tracking.
    On a white plastic pad (e.g. Destructor), the 1800 DPI has better tracking.
    On a black plastic pad (e.g. Destructor or Sphex), they’re about the same.

    There haven’t been any firmware updates to fix the jitter on cloth pads.

  11. Deathadder 3500 dpi has same engine as the other ones. Has jitter issues. Very obvious when maxed out dpi and panning horizontally in FPS games.

  12. What about when the new da on 450dpi and 500hz?
    Camplo your lost if you tought the da was a philip sensor, ROFL.

  13. Same sensor, same problems. Should be ok on most plastic, black mousepads.
    Don’t use it on cloth (jitter on almost every single one) and white/light plastic pads like the white Destructor.

  14. i js got myself a DA with goliathus control .
    do u think it works well with megasoma as well ?

  15. Hi i’m french and beginner in english ^^ i play crysis wars at very hight level
    Is the sensor in the Deathadder 3.5g with the latest firmware is now equal than the old DA sensor with his latest firmware (without drift control) ?
    There was a few problems with 3.5G becoming spazzy on higher DPIs (3200) and had jitter on cloth pad : is it fixed with the latest fireware ?
    Je m’intéresse de très près au souris gamer plus particulièrement aux meilleur capteur des souris du marché qui sont l’avago 9500 (dans la Xai et la G500, G700) and ceux des deux deathadder :
    -l’avago 3088 (dans la vieille Da)
    -l’avago 3888 (dans la Da respawn aka refresh in france)
    I am very interested in gaming mouse specifically to better sensor mice from the market and the Avago 9500 (in Xai and the G500, G700) and those of the two deathadder:
    -The Avago 3088 (in the old Da)
    -The Avago 3888 (in Da respawn in France aka refresh)
    I read on forums that these two sensors are all identical in terms of performance I want to emphasize that at its output the first Da had big problems with sensors which made him one of the worst sensor but force update razer has greatly improved it is now one of the best sensor market. I wonder if the sensor of Xai and G500 surclase the accuracy and stability. I hope that the toad (the Avago 3888) will turn into a prince sensors for gamers XD

  16. Do not read this passage in my previous message : “Je m’intéresse de très près au souris gamer plus particulièrement aux meilleur capteur des souris du marché qui sont l’avago 9500 (dans la Xai et la G500, G700) and ceux des deux deathadder :
    -l’avago 3088 (dans la vieille Da)
    -l’avago 3888 (dans la Da respawn aka refresh in france)”

    I copy and paste this comment by mistake in french instead of one that stuck was translated into English lol

  17. Do not read the passage in French from my previous message: I copied and pasted by mistake this comment in French instead of the one that stuck was translated into English lol

  18. cos im using DA 3.5 with goliathus control fragged and it keeps jittering all the time .. so looking for good replacement mouse mat

  19. I didn’t have issues on the black destructor, but it wore out pretty quickly. Also, it did jitter on the white destructor.

  20. I’m also getting jitter with my new DA3500 that I purchased at the end of September when using it on my Goliathus Control. Doesn’t look like there’s any fix for it yet…works better on my wooden desk than on my $30 Goliathus, go figure!

    It seems that if I use the DA on the desk first for like 30 seconds, then I can use it on my Goliathus. Not sure why it is jittery until I do that though, but obviously there is an issue because so many of us are having problems with it. This is at the high 3500 DPI setting.

  21. i dont think razer has any firmware update to resolve this problem yet right ? man i should’ve bought the mamba …

  22. am using a da3.5g on a qck, but whats the jitter thats experienced?
    after using google, still dont get what is jittering. =(

    any kind souls here to help me with my understanding?

  23. If you have jitter, it’s easy to find.

    Open paint, pick a small brush with color black. Start drawing at the middle top of the screen and move slowly down.
    If you have the DA-Respawn/Abyssus jitter, you’ll see the cursor ‘jitter’ left-right while moving down. Instead of the nearly straight line you tried to draw, you’ll end up with a jagged line due to jitter.

    Something like this: http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/8104/abyssus4503.png

  24. I bought a Goliathus Control recently and it just doesn’t work properly with my wireless Logitech laser mouse. I cannot click on anything smaller with my first try due to mouse cursor jumping around or stopping just short of the place I wanted to click on. Just a small jump but enough to miss links and playing Starcraft 2 is a grueling experience 🙁

    Was thinking of buying Death Adder as I read somewhere that Goliathus works good with optical mice and only has problems with laser ones, but now you say it works bad with Death Adder as well 🙁

  25. Mmm, the jitter you guys talk about is just the real movement of the mouse, lower dpi, lower speed and it should be gonne, Razer removed the straight line prediction movement on a firmware update dont remember when. For me, is good, drawing something on paint was always a line, I dont use my mouse only for gaming. So, the second thing, I was caught in the whole mousepad marketing, I just used a veeery old black rubber mouse pad, perfect control, 0 jitter, screw those new mousepads.. really, 30 bucks to trash. Control or no control they come nowere near this old “rubber” (its seems like rubber) pad.

  26. Arie, not rly, 3.5G Sensor is engineered with no drift control – giving gamers the ability to translate their exact mouse movements into in game frags without interference from prediction mechanisms that results in accuracy loss. So it dosen’t matter what dpi mouse have. It is important that mouse have drift control algorithm or not (to make movements more straight or translate exact movements).

  27. I have no idea how that relates to what I said.

    I’ve tried many mice, low DPI, high DPI, with/without drift control, none of them have the jitter of the 3.5G sensor used by Razer.
    Even the horrible sensor in the Imperator doesn’t show this jitter.

  28. Hmm I have this mouse and I don’t see jitter on my DA 3.5G Left Handed. Tested on Razer Destructor, desk and white sheet of paper.

  29. I’ve just bought the DA 3500 version, and it seems fine so far, except for one thing: whenever there is vibration of the surface (i.e. the desk), the mouse stops responding while vibration lasts (even buttons do not work). I don’t normally see that happening while using the mouse, but I can easily reproduce it by shaking the desk a bit, so I suppose it impacts the gameplay to some extent.

    Overall, it seems that there is some kind of vibration sensor built in the mouse.

    Now the most weird thing: it only happens in Linux, not in Windows (yes, I play 3D games in Linux). I updated the firmware to the current version, didn’t help.

    Does anybody know anything about that?