Razer Abyssus/Razer Deathadder 3500DPI review

A new infrared 3500DPI sensor forms the core of an updated Razer Deathadder and an updated Razer Salmosa, the Razer Abyssus. Their predecessors were good mice, with some small issues.

The original Deathadder is Razer’s best mouse in my opinion. It has a great sensor which tracks very well on a lot of surfaces, is capable of tracking at high speeds, has DC and NDC firmwares and has no acceleration or other side effects when set up right.

The Salmosa has received little love from Razer. 1 driver update, no firmware updates and only the default DC firmware available.


So let’s talk a bit first about the thing the new mice have in common, the 3500DPI sensor. It’s not as good as the trusty old 1800DPI sensor used in the Salmosa and Deathadder-new. It has a lot of issues tracking on cloth mousepads, some more than others. Ironically, it’s pretty bad on the Razer Goliathus.  If you like to play on cloth pads, don’t buy an Abyssus or a Deathadder-new.


With that out of the way, a bit about the Deathadder-new. It’s pretty much exactly the same as the old one. It has a nicer braided cable, replacing the very thin plastic wire from the old one, which was prone to breaking internally. That’s basically all there is to this new Deathadder. If you have an old one, keep it, if you want a new one, try to find an old one. The changes are not worth the upgrade and extra costs.

Deathadder new, or old?


Compared to the old Salmosa there isn’t much new either, but at least the 3500DPI sensor doesn’t have drift control. The hardware buttons to switch DPI and mouse refresh rate are still there, but the 500Hz option is gone. The scroll wheel is the worst I’ve seen on a Razer mouse. It feels cheap, makes a weird noise and is definitely not as good as the Deathadder or Imperator scroll wheel. Just as with other Razer mice there are a lot of reports of squeaking mouse wheels on the Abyssus.


For some reason I still like the Razer Abyssus. It’s really light and small, easy to throw around. Great for people looking for a finger grip mouse. The buttons are easy to press, I’d rankthem like this (easy -> hard to press): Boomslang CE2007, Abyssus, Deathadder, Imperator

The overall verdict
The new Razer 3500DPI mice are great mice, limited by their kinda crappy sensor.
The main problem with the 3500DPI DA is its older brother, which is cheaper and better, apart for the cable.
The Abyssus looks like a great entry-level gaming mouse. It’s cheap (the scroll wheel shows), light, easy to use and great value for money. It’s not only an entry level mouse, it’s a great mouse if you need something small and nimble. I wish it was made with the Deathadder sensor, that way I could have finally recommended a new Razer mouse.

73 thoughts on “Razer Abyssus/Razer Deathadder 3500DPI review

  1. i just bought the 3.5g and i dont have the jitter problem. But I do have a problem with the tracking while in game.

    Really fast movements make the cursor skip and look into the air sometimes. I used to have the old DA and the tracking on that mouse was amazing compared to my old 518.

    I’m pretty let down by this new DA. I hope there is a fix for this tracking issue, otherwise I’m going back to me 518.

  2. I’ve noticed that happening on some surfaces as well, specifically bright surfaces like the white Destructor mousepad.
    Black surfaces were fine for me.

  3. Guys so what about this jitter now? Right now I’m using old ver. of DA and it’s the best mouse I’ve ever used. Unofrunately after 3 years of hardcore usage, it sometimes just disconnects for a short period of time. I’m pretty sure it’s the cable fault.
    What do you recommend for a new mouse? I’m using Steelpad 5L.
    I’m realy loving the DA shape and it’s the perfect mouse for me, but this jitter effect seems to be realy anyoing. I was thinking about Logitech G500 but I alse read abour horrible sensor, and poor qualite of this product.

    I wish Sujoy was making some mousecharts.

  4. You guys are full of shit I have a deathadder 3500 dpi and a qck cloth pad, ive tried it on multiple cloth pads and it tracks just as good if not better then the old 1800 dpi sensor. People who say it doesnt track well on cloth pads is full of shit cause i have 3500 dpi deathadder and all i use are cloth pads and it has no negative/postive acceleration

  5. I would have to agree…I also have both a 1800 dpi death adder and a 3500 dpi deathadder and the sensors are the same just the 3500 dpi is more precise of course because more dpi. and it tracks perfectly on standard and gaming cloth pads

  6. I’ve tried the 3500 dpi deathadder on both cloth and hard pads such as the qck and the steel series sx (their best hard/soft pads) and it tracks perfectly

  7. Nice that it works for you on your cloth pads. Both the da3500 and abyssus fail on my cloth pads and other surfaces. Only on dark plastic pads they work as advertised. Kinda lame to say ‘full of shit’ though…. I’m not exactly an isolated case….

  8. Has anyone confirmed the fix for the jittering problem after installing the last firmware??

  9. Arie, thanks for this post, do you still have an Abyssus handy?. I’m wondering if the jittering issue is present @ 450 dpi, since that’s the only resolution I would be interested in playing with, and I like its form factor.

  10. It’s present at all DPIs.

    I’ve heard reports that the firmware upgrades for the DA3500 fix some of the jitter issues, but there are no firmware upgrades for the Abyssus.

  11. “Has anyone confirmed the fix for the jittering problem after installing the last firmware??


  12. Hi, I also heard about new firmware. Is this true? If it’s true I think, that DA 3.5G can be the best mouse ever (except shape).

    Have you got DA 3.5G or only Abyssus?

  13. just wanted to say that DA 3.5G is definitely not worth the money. bought it two days ago, its jittery as an epileptic guy at a party. tried it on light wooden and dark wooden desks, with and without a mat – it works for some time but every now and then starts jittering like the sensor goes haywire. the official response from razer is to put a blank piece of paper under it which actually fixes the problem. so i have a $60 gaming mouse that needs a sheet of paper to work…could have bought a $5 generic crap that would have worked like that
    i have a copperhead that still tracks flawlessly on ANY surface but the scroll wheel broke couple of days ago (after years of punishment and traveling in a notebook bag) ergo the replacement.
    is there a mouse that has a perfect traction from razer? one that has no z-axis issue or lousy optic sensor?

  14. Most optical mice work poorly on wood textures, but it should work just fine on any normal mousepad.
    Check for dust or hairs on the sensor and make sure you have the latest firmware, it should perform just fine. Else I’d consider it defective and have it replaced.

  15. Razer DeathAdder new works fine in hard surfaces?? coz i have steekseries S&S Mouse Pad ..

  16. I’ve had a DA3.5G for around 1 year now, and I can confirm that it jitters like hell on a QcK pad.

    It always did since the first time I bought it.
    It’s not the vertical movement. It’s an issue with the way the sensor reads oblique patterns on cloth while moving vertically.

    As in: if you hold your mouse slightly sideways (like several people do, including me), you’ll move the mouse diagonally across the pad. That’s when the jitter happens.

    If you place the mouse vertically parallel to the sides of the pad, and move it down, it’ll never jitter. Problem is: I’m not fucking robocop. I’ve always held my mouse slightly sideways like the large portion of human beings (I’ve studied ergonomics for 3 years, so that’s pretty much a staple due to or elbow height in relation to the table), and the mouse is to blame.

    I’ve been using it without a mat for a while now, but have been thinking about getting one. I used to have an S&S, but it gathered shit on it very easily. I’m wondering if I should either get a new mouse, or a new pad.

    Torn between getting a WMO (can’t find a 1.1a), a new 3.0, or one of the new-age shitty mice (Steelseries/Razer/Zowie, etc).

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