Razer HP1 RMA

I’ve just received a new Razer HP1 after I’ve sent my previous set RMA last week.

The new headset suffers from the exact same problem as the previous set, so to summarize my findings about the Razer Integrated Audio System:

Razer AC-1. The audio card is way too expensive, you can get the same card with a different brandname at 1/4th of the cost

Razer HP-1. The idea of a decent surround sound headset really appealed to me, but the rear channel of the HP1 doesn’t have any bass, so I’ll use it as a stereo headset.

Update: Actually the audio quality is so poor (way too much high, no bass) that I’m keeping my old Sennheiser PC150. That’s a rather cheap PC headset but it’s way better than the HP1.

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