Speedup the HTC Hero

A week ago I got a new phone, the HTC Hero.

HTC Hero
It’s an Android based phone so it’s easy to customize and there are a lot of great apps available for it.

However, HTC’s default firmware is a bit sluggish. Luckily there’s a solution. It takes 5 minutes and besides speeding it up, it also ‘roots’ it. ‘Rooting’ an Android phone allows a user to do basically anything he wants with the phone.

Here are the steps (by Paul of MoDaCo)

– Download the custom ROM, and copy it to your SD card (modaco 2.2 core)
– download this file (http://content.modaco.net…copatchedrecovery-1.0.zip) and extract it to your PC or mac
– open a command prompt to the directory containing the extracted files
– type the following commands (prefix each command with ./ if you’re on a mac)
– adb shell reboot bootloader (wait for device to reboot into bootloader)
– fastboot boot cm-hero-recovery.img
– Select ‘nandroid backup’ from the menu to do a backup
– If you copied the custom rom as update.zip, select ‘apply sdcard:update.zip’, else select the option below.
– all done

One thought on “Speedup the HTC Hero

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